Bhadwa Mata Dham of Neemuch Madhya Pradesh

Neemuch is one of the significant districts of Madhya Pradesh. The Bhadwa Mata Dham of Neemuch Madhya Pradesh is one of the most important temples of Goddess Shakti in India. This temple is considered to be miraculous by many worshippers. It is believed that those who visit this shrine remain free of all kinds of diseases due to the blessings of the Goddess.

Bhadwa Mata temple of Neemuch Madhya Pradesh:

The Bhadwa Mata Dham of Neemuch M.P. has been the ground for miracles since a very long time. Many people who were suffering from diseases were reported to be cured once they visited this temple. The temple has a calm and peaceful environment which brings peace to the mind. The Bhadwa Mata Dham consists of a beautiful idol of Mata Bhadwa on a silver throne. Beside this throne there are idols of Goddess Shakti which represents her Navadurga Incarnations. One of the special features of this shrine is the miraculous flame which has been present in the temple for many years.

There is a popular belief among the devotees that every night Mata Bhadwa visits the place and blesses the devotees by curing them of their ailments. Near the Bhadwa Mata Dham of Neemuch Madhya Pradesh there is a Jal Kunda which is believed to have miraculous powers. Those who take a dip in this Jal Kunda are cured of their diseases. This Jal Kunda is believed to be built by Mata Bhadwa.

During the auspicious occasions of Chaitra, Navaratri and Kartik months several devotees from all over the world flock to this temple. The entire place comes alive with devotees and prayers. It is a common practice for the devotees whose wishes have come true to leave their goats, hens and sheeps in the temple premises. This is a gesture of thanks giving from the devotees towards Mata Bhadwa.

Therefore if you are planning to visit Neemuch make sure that you visit Bhadwa Mata Dham of Neemuch, MP for darshan.

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